As a lifelong entrepreneur, I started, ran and sold several successful businesses. My direct marketing company- 21st Century Marketing- grew over twenty three years to employ 114 people with $43,000,000 in annual sales prior to selling it in 2007.

While I love direct marketing, my passion throughout my career has been about building enduring businesses, driving dramatic improvements in growth, discovering best practices and helping entrepreneurs succeed. This led me, in 2007, to form Executive Confidential, LLC- committed to helping entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses.

In February of 2011, after 4 years of building my organizational consulting practice, I discovered EOS- the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and it blew me away. I began researching the process, speaking with EOS implementers and clients. I was amazed by what I learned and became a huge fan. I had never found anything as simple, holistic and effective.

EOS employs simple, time tested tools along with a proven process to help CEO’s overcome frustrations, obstacles and barriers, leading to better results. The goal is simple — help companies achieve greater profits while delivering to business owners a better balance in life.

If you are a business owner who feels frustrated or alone, give me a call today to discuss EOS and its holistic approach to getting your company to the next level of performance. I GUARANTEE your team will gain clarity, become more engaged and work as a cohesive unit and you will see improved performance, stronger profits and regain your life.

Core Beliefs

I have learned that my processes in combination with the EOS System are exceptionally effective BUT they are not for everyone. Here are my Core Beliefs, EOS works for Leadership Teams who:

  • have and believe in the power of a compelling vision,
  • want to build businesses that will endure well beyond their stewardship,
  • endeavor to surround themselves with the right people in the right seats;
  • are open to taking a disciplined, systems based, and transparent approach to building and running their business; and
  • would love to keep things simple.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if these Core Beliefs resonate with you and you either find yourself frustrated with your business or you just know that your business can be so much more than it currently is.

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